Day 58 – Thursday 27 August 2020 – Garages

Our focus today is on the local garages. Sometimes those involved in the motor trade are treated with suspicion as people who are likely to rip us off – with that slow intake of breath as they assess the possible cost of repairs….. Would you by a used car from…?

Many of us will indeed have had negative experiences – but we must not tar all mechanics and car sales people with the same negative brush. There are many fine honest people who work hard and do a great job to serve the people of the Island in this important business that is so vital to our modern life.

Let’s repent of any unhealthy or cynical attitudes we may have and let’s give thanks to God for the men and women that help keep our cars on the road – and all those other vehicles that we depend on so much – such as delivery vans, buses and coaches. We must be grateful for the skills they have, that most of us lack, and ask the Lord to bless their work and their businesses, especially in this most challenging of years.

Please join me now as we pray for the local motor trade.

Loving God, you made the whole world and everything it – and all its people

We are sorry for the negative way we look on some areas of human activity. Please forgive us for stereotyping people, for our cynicism and how we often assume the worst about people. Help us to see others as you do – women and men made in your image, with great potential for good.

We pray for all our local garages and the people that work in them. We think of the small back street operations as well as the big franchises that are more visible on our main roads; those that buy and sell vehicles as well as those that are mainly involved in servicing, MOTs and repairs; the tyre and exhaust centres that we often turn to in an emergency; body shops that make skilled repairs when we’ve been involved in a collision. Bless them richly today and help them all to do a great job.

We pray for working relationships among the various garage teams, especially for those that perhaps feel on the edge of the group and often feel intimidated. Bring healing and reconciliation when things are strained. We pray for those in charge that they would provide good leadership and be fair to all their staff.

We pray for those businesses under great financial pressure after these difficult months and for all who are worried about their jobs, and we lift up those who are just beginning their careers in this sector as apprentices. We bring all these prayers in the precious name of Jesus. Amen

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