Day 73 – Friday 11 September 2020 – Manufacturing Industries

When we think of ourselves as being created in God’s image and God as creator of our beautiful world, it is a short step to understand that our creativity, our ability to create beautiful things comes from God.  But our God given creativity is also what enables us to make things which are not necessarily beautiful in the traditional sense,  but are necessary for the way we live our lives today.

In Genesis we see God giving detailed instructions to Noah on how to build the ark. God gives Moses the details on how to make the Tabernacle and of course our Lord himself was a carpenter – making things out of wood to earn his livelihood.

The ability to see a way to solve a problem or do a job and to be able to make it from raw materials are part of the creativity and skills that God has given us.

Although we think of Ryde as a tourist destination, residential area and retail centre, it is also the location of several manufacturing industries. On the Nicholson Rd estate we have Liz Earle, a joinery and a factory which manufactures windows. On the Westridge estate we have manufacturers of audio visual equipment, electrical and electronic components, plastic mouldings, windows and a business which installs communications equipment.  In Rink Road we have 3 precision engineering firms and of course in Malborough Road we have Trucast, making turbocharger wheels. You may know of others.

Like all other businesses, during this Covid pandemic they will have had to spend time when they could not trade, adapt the way they work and possibly deal with a reduction in demand.

Their employees will have had to be furloughed, but now are unlikely to be able to work from home and so face the possibility of increased risk of catching covid or even possibly not having a job to return to.

So let’s pray for all those involved in manufacturing.

Creator God,
You made us in your image and gave us the creativity and skills
to make things to improve our quality of life.
We pray now for all those involved in manufacturing industries.
For those who come  up with  the ideas,
those who execute them and those who support them.
We ask for your blessing on them at this uncertain time.
We pray that they will find ways to continue to make what is needed
To utilise the skills and creativity of their workforces
And to provide employment for their teams.
We ask this in Jesus’ name,

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