Day 77 – Tuesday 15 September 2020 – Communications Engineers

Welcome to day 77 of 85 of the pray for Ryde 2020 project. My name is Paul Meredith and I am the minister of the Elim church in Ryde.

Today we focus our prayers upon communications engineers and all those involved in that industry. This is an industry that involves a great amount of networking between companies and the constant upgrading of our cables and infrastructure, whether than be our telephone cables, internet access or even mobile phone towers etc. Often during the upgrading of our underground cables and mobile phone masts, disruption is caused to our convenient lives and as such those who work on such projects can be vulnerable to verbal and in some cases physical abuse. It is important that we pray for those engineers working on the ground and those behind the scenes.

Let us pray

Heavenly Father we thank you for the networks of communication we have with one another. For the ability to phone each other, to communicate over the internet together with email and programs that allow us to speak to one another face to face and for the many other benefits we receive from the communications industry.

Father in the midst of the wonderful conveniences we have we also recognise the ongoing work and upgrading of cables that require continued maintenance. With this is mind we pray for all those working on the ground as they maintain and upgrade that which is required. We ask that you protect them from any kind of hazards they may face and also the potential public abuse they might receive. Help us Lord, to be respectful and show kindness toward those hard at work keeping our communication systems working both on the ground and those in the background.

We also think of those engineers working behind the scenes and planning the works that need to take place. Give them wisdom and the ability to communicate with other companies that also need to maintain their products, that they might work together bringing the product to their customers. We thank you for such companies that make our ability to communicate through a variety of mediums. Without which we would not be able to connect at this time, especially during Covid-19. For many this period would have been so much harder if we didn’t have the ability to communicate with one another like we do.

So Lord, we commit the companies, their staff and engineers into your hands asking that you will bless them, guide them and give them wisdom in regard to actions that need to be taken.

We ask these things and commit them into your hands, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.


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