Day 83 – Monday 21 September 2020 – Ryde Gateway to the Island

Hello, welcome to the end of Ryde Pier. From here you can see in the east all the way to Seaview and around to Bembridge and the harbour there. You can see Ryde harbour itself, and where the hovercraft terminal is. You can see the pier and the railway that takes us down to the south of the Island. And then when you go further to the west you can see Quarr Abbey and Fishbourne and then further to East Cowes.

Really this whole area forms a gateway to the Island. Have you got your ticket to Ryde? Well, I guess our ticket is a prayer ticket today. So on this Monday morning we are going to pray for our town and its surrounding area. There will be many things that we have missed out on over the last eighty three days. Goodness, only two more days to go. So there will be lots of other things that you will be wanting to pray for, some people on your minds. So today we are going to pray for our area and we’re going to ‘allow’ you to pray for whoever and wherever you feel we should be praying for, so that nobody is missed out.

So let us pray:

Heavenly Father, we praise you that you have brought us to live and to work and to serve you on this beautiful Island. We thank you for the constant reminder that all this beauty is of you. And so today we continue praying, conscious that in just a day and a half’s time our prayer time will come to and end. But your love never comes to an end. And we pray that our being together will never come to an end. Bless this Island we pray. Bless all that we do, all that we attempt in your name. And may this become a paradise of your kingdom, for you kingdom’s sake.


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