Day 32 – Saturday 1 August 2020 – Refuse Collectors & Recycling Staff

Good morning, I’m Rev Veronica of Binstead, Havenstreet and Wootton.

Our theme today is:  Prayers for Refuse Collectors and Recycling Staff

In Genesis 1, God creates humanity from the dust of the ground and breathes life into creation. And God gives to all of humanity the role of stewards of God’s creation.  

Today, we pray for the refuse collectors and recycling staff of the IOW Council, those working at the Lynnbottom and Afton Marsh, those who work at the recycling centres, those who drive the residential and commercial waste collection vehicles; and those staff who manage and administer the collection service. 

A Prayer for those Refuse Collectors and Recycling staff on the IOW

We thank you, Lord God, for all those, who help to collect and manage the waste on this beautiful island. 


You know that these men and women have the difficult task of managing and collecting our waste, working long hours in all types of weather to keep our communities safe and clean, and often without thanks. We pray, Lord, for their safety; that you will keep them safe as they drive vehicles, and as they work around and amongst many vehicles. We pray that they arrive home safely to their homes and families.  We pray Lord, that you will remind us to take care as we move around recycling centres and their vehicles.  Finally, Lord, as these men and women go through their work day, we pray that they are blessed with words of thanks from many people.

A prayer for recycling

We thank you for the resources of the world,
and for the many goods available to us.
Grant us wisdom and restraint in our spending and consumption;
grant us inspiration in the re-use and recycling of resources.

A prayer for those who reduce, recycle, reuse.

Lord God,
Help us to find ways to lead lives that respect and revere your creation, that provide sustainability for future generations and teach others to respect the beauty and wonder of your creation. We ask all of this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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