Day 34 – Monday 3 August 2020 – Street Cleaners

Good morning and welcome to day 34 of our 85-day prayer initiative for Ryde and the surrounding areas.

I’m Samantha Martell, Vicar of the parishes of All Saints in Ryde and St Michael and All Angels in Swanmore.

Today our focus is on our street cleaners.

I wonder if many of us have ever stopped to think about this vital job, often done amid cursing motorists for slowing up their journeys; or ignorant path users who continue to merely drop litter without regard.

Many jobs are seen by some as menial and beneath them.  But we must remember that God see our hearts.

On more than one occasion in the bible, Jesus reminds us to be careful how we judge others.

Every time the phrase “the last shall be first and the first last” occurs in scripture, it refers to the fact that one’s position in this life does not give a person an advantage in gaining eternal life or salvation. Every time Jesus uses the phrase, the message is the same. It does not matter who we are in this world or what we have done. Eternal life is for those who believe in Him, who are repentant of their sins and commit themselves to Him. Too often we miss the meaning of the words “believe in Jesus.” The Greek word for “believe” literally means “to trust” or “to have faith” or “to depend.” It is sometimes translated as “to obey.” So when Jesus says we are to believe, He is also saying  “to trust or depend” on Him. This is commitment. It is more than intellectual knowledge about Him. Those who are “first” in this life will not obtain eternal life, unless they believe in Christ, are repentant of their sins and commit themselves to follow Him. Those who are, or seem poor and insignificant in this life will gain eternal life by faith and have great rewards in heaven for faithful service on earth.

And so we pray for those who undertake the tasks that many people would not even consider.  Those who clean our streets and pavements, who collect rubbish from the side of the road, and who do it with the dignity they deserve to be shown by us all.  We pray for their protection as they go about their jobs, and that they can know the love of Christ in their lives.
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