Day 35 – Tuesday 4 August – Harbour Staff & Crew

Good morning and welcome to day 35 of our Pray for Ryde 2020 initiative. My name is Paul Meredith and I’m the minister at Ryde Elim Church.

Today we are focusing our attention on our daily theme which today is praying for our harbour, both the staff and the users of the harbour. Ryde harbour is well known and appreciated throughout the yachting fraternity, especially the smaller yachts and light cruisers. People return each year to the harbour and various crews have gotten to know each other as they repeatedly return. As such we would like to pray for the users, the staff and the upkeep required.

Let us pray then.

Dear God, our heavenly father and friend. We commit to you today the staff that operate the harbour in Ryde. We ask that you would inspire them in their role to not simply operate the harbour but also maintain it. This is particularly important during the quieter months in the winter when essential repairs and dredging occurs. Help them to be encouraged by those using the harbour and the general public as they recognise and appreciate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. During this time of Covid-19, we pray that it will have not had a large negative impact upon the harbour and that business has, in some way, been as usual. We also pray for the harbour master. As he or she reviews powers and policies and all the other berthing issues, give them rest, hope and a joyful spirit as they speak to the crews of the vessels that visit the harbour and those boats that reside on a more permanent basis.

We also pray for the users of the harbour, that the crews and captains will appreciate not simply the mooring sites but also the facilities on offer. We thank you that many visiting boats and their crew return each year to the harbour and have fond memories of their experiences there. We ask that this will continue, that you would keep them safe and that they will be confident in their desire to moor there and the continued upkeep and maintenance provided.

May you also bless the local amenities that will prosper from the harbour such as the cafes, bars and amusements which also include Peter Pans. We ask that during this period of lockdown, that they have not suffered too much financially and will begin, once again, to find profit and success as the lockdown has eased according to the guidelines.  

Overall, we pray that you will bless those that dock at Ryde harbour, that it provide much needed income to the local businesses and that all those that use the harbour, whether that be visitors, permanent berth holders or the staff that work there. We ask this all In Jesus name– Amen.

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