Day 38 – Friday 7 August 2020 – Visitor Attractions

Hello and welcome to day 38 of our 85 day prayer initiative for Ryde and surrounding area.

I am the Rev Dion Mabey the Anglican curate at St Johns church in Ryde.

Today’s prayer theme is visitor attraction in Ryde.

When I was first asked to do today’s talk and prayer I immediately thought of the Isle of Wight motto; all this beauty is of God. In turn made me think of the creation story in Genesis. Chapter 1 verse 31 says, “God saw everything he had made, and indeed, it was very good.” It then goes on to say that God rested on the seventh day. In Matthew Chapter 11 Jesus told us; “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

 We all need rest and recuperation, time to relax and recharge, both those of us lucky enough to live here but also to our many visitors.

It might be then that it’s our miles of lovely sandy beaches that attract visitors to Ryde, but there are lots of other things to attract visitors. Transport in Ryde features strongly; perhaps they have travelled here on the Hovercraft, or to visit the Bus museum or the Steam railway. Just thinking about the seafront it offers; walks, the pier, bowling, Peter Pan funfair and the boating lake.

Let us not forget Quarr Abbey or any of our historic churches.

As we have more international travel denied us we can expect lots more visitors from the mainland. We need to consider how we encourage that safely. We also need to think of the staff who work in tourism and visitor attractions and rely on this as their income and livelihood. How can we balance the welcome and safety to ensure our visitors manage to get that rest and recovery they need whist keeping staff safe whilst supporting the economy for our Island?

We can bring these thoughts and concerns to God in prayer.

Father of creation we thank you for this beautiful Island and all that Ryde has to offer both for us that live here and for visitors. Father help us to be welcoming and let us share all we have in peace and love. We pray that visitors to our Island may be met in peace and be able to relax and enjoy their time on the Island.

We pray for all those business that have so much to offer, help them to remain safe and welcoming bringing joy and pleasure to many. Jesus our companion help us, through the friends and strangers we encounter on our path to know you as our refuge, our way, our truth and our life.  We pray for all those business struggling after the Pandemic to make and maintain a living. We live in our hope of you to restore all things. Amen

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