Day 39 – Saturday 8 August 2020 – Seasonal Workers

Good morning, I’m Rev Veronica of Binstead, Havenstreet and Wootton.

Our theme today is:  Seasonal Workers

  • Farmers and farm workers – various seasons of harvest crops– those on the iow who help harvest wheat, corn, asparagus, those farmers and farm workers who are helping with lambing seasons, shearing, calving season. Indeed we have alpacas on the island; so there is seasonal work involved with their care.
  • Tourism – for the IOW summertime means festivals, music, pride, Cowes week, Yachts, scooters, Vdubs, tour coaches and others -all bring tourists to the island increasing the need for lifeguards, taxi and bus drivers, police, restaurant and pub staff, Takeaway and food delivery workers
  • Let’s not forget the Christmas season with its additional demands on shops.
  • Dare I mention, tax season and the extra workers that requires, like accountants, tax preparation specialists, and solicitors.
  • As we pray, we hold all seasonal workers in our prayers:

Lord God,

We give you thanks for the gift of this new day, for new life that you offer through Jesus Christ and for this wonderful world that we all share.  Be with all the seasonal workers on this beautiful island.  Bless them in their work day, that through all of the opportunities and challenges they face, they may glorify you. 

Lord, I pray that you would be with each one of these seasonal workers.  Keep their minds alert and give them wisdom to know when to speak and when to remain silent. Guard the choices they make in all things.  Let their work reflect the light that is within them, the light that is your love and help them to share that with all for your glory. Amen.

Lord God, the work environment is often exhausting. We pray for the workers that you will give them the strength and patience they need for each day. 

Lord God, The work environment is sometimes very difficult.  Co-workers may not always behave with compassion and mercy.  We pray for your spirit of peace and forgiveness to be in those darker places of interpersonal conflict bringing light and wisdom, compassion and love, freeing all involved from the chains of distrust.

Lord God, we give you thanks for seasonal employers, particularly when they structure the work in reasonable ways and compensate the workers fairly. We pray that your Spirit will touch their hearts such that they act in ways that are merciful and just, and enrich all humanity.

We pray for your special blessing on all involved in seasonal work across the island, that they may come to know the power of your love to heal and find peace.  In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Let us bless the Lord.  Thanks be to God.

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