Day 41 – Monday 10 August 2020 – Chainstores & Supermarkets

Good morning and welcome to the pray for Ryde initiative.

We have reached day 41 of 85, and in our theme today are praying for our chainstores and supermarkets in and around the Ryde area.

I’m Samantha Martell, Vicar of All Saints in Ryde and St Michael and All Angels and Swanmore.

There are, as you will be aware, a plethora of choice when it comes to where to go to buy groceries, and other necessary  – and not so necessary but enjoyable items in your regular shop.

Names you see emblazoned across your television screens, whose jingles become annoying earworms for days on end.

Now for those of you now berating me for not mentioning the independent shops, they will have their day in the spotlight in a few weeks, so fear not, they are most definitely not forgotten.

So, today, let us offer this scripture and prayer for  Supermarket and chain-store personnel – those we see, and the many who work behind the scenes.

Psalm 90:17 

      Let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us,
    and prosper for us the work of our hands—
    O prosper the work of our hands!

Father God,
in this time of pandemic, when we realise that Covid has been a powerful leveller, choosing its victims from anywhere and everywhere, we pray for the supermarkets and chainstores which have been affected.  We pray thanks for the diligence of the staff in keeping their customers safe, despite the abuse which has been received by many for simply trying to uphold the law.   

Lord God, our provider, thank you today for the blessing of our supermarket and chain-store personnel. We offer prayers of gratitude for each and every employee that faithfully shows up to work.  Bless them with your presence in every area of the store, the carpark and trolley stands, and the roads which lead to them. Praise you for the people who station all areas: frozen food, meat, seafood, produce, deli, dairy, health and beauty and the cashiers.  For the shelf stackers, personal shoppers and auxiliary staff and the delivery drivers.

Let your favour and grace, oh God rest on every cashier, bagger,  stock checker, butcher, baker, fishmonger, cheesemonger department manager, assistant store manager, manager, executive. Prosper, gracious Lord, the work of their hands and bless their households. Continue to protect them from the evil COVID-19 virus, from every hurt, harm or danger. May they be met with love and kindness from everyone that benefits from their labour. Keep them in your love, light in care we pray. Amen

Thank you for joining me today, if you are heading out to go shopping and feel inclined, do tell the supermarket and chain-store staff that we have been praying for them!

Do join us this evening if you can from 7pm for 15 minutes of prayer on today’s theme by following the link at the foot of this video. For now, good bye.

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