Day 44 – Thursday 13 August 2020 – Sports Clubs

Our focus today is on Sports Clubs – there are many spread across this part of the island. Like most groups and societies these have suffered badly during the last four or five months, having to shut up shop. Many people have really missed the exercise, the challenge and competitive atmosphere and of course the important social aspects of these groups.

We give thanks for those that give of their time and skills to lead the various sports groups and teams in our locality, giving both adults and children the opportunity to enjoy good, wholesome physical activity.

Paul writes that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and that we must honour God with our bodies (1 Cor 6:19-20). In days when we have been reminded that many in our communities are overweight and unfit let’s ask God to bless those that seek to promote and lead sport in our area.

Please join me now as we pray for them.

Lord God, in whom we live and move and have our being and who gives everyone life and breath and everything else… we pray for our local sports clubs.

We thank you for all the positive opportunities they give to children and adults to enjoy various sports and to develop their skills, fitness and teamwork. We give thanks for the wonderful people who give so much of their time to these pastimes that they so love in order to help others to enjoy the various sports.

We pray for each of these groups as they begin to come to life again and deal with all the challenges of gradually easing out of lockdown and keeping everyone safe. We pray for their financial needs as many will have been hit hard by the lack of income while a lot of on-going expenses have still needed to be met. We pray for the trustees and committees that may be faced with tough decisions over the coming months.

Bless our many local sports groups we pray. Give them joy as they help people let off steam, reach fresh achievements and develop real community spirit.

We bring these prayers in the precious name of Jesus. Amen

Rev Brian Harley United Reformed Church, Isle of Wight Group

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