Day 49 – Tuesday 18 August 2020 – People Living With Dementia

Welcome to day 49 of the Pray for Ryde 2020. My name is Paul Meredith and I am the minister of the Elim church in Ryde. Today we focus our prayers and attention upon those suffering with dementia and the families and carers that look after them.

God tells us that we are to love everyone as he has loved us, he calls us to look after those in need and to look after and help the elderly in whatever circumstances they may face. Today we pray for those with specific focus upon the crippling disease that is dementia.

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, we lift to you all those suffering with dementia. It is a cruel disease, especially when one will start to lose precious memories. We ask that you bless them with patience, a loving and supporting family, and days of hope and accomplishment.

For those who walk more slowly through this world than in the days when they were young, may each step be made lighter and their joy be greater for seeing beauty in little things that the hurrying pass by as Memory fades, and recollections become hazy clouds, fading outlines of strangers’ faces and forgotten places. Even the familiar, loved ones and names that once tripped lightly off the tongue cause confusion, in what seems a cruel dismantling of a life once lived.

Compassionate God, for all who live in fear of what they might become, and those already walking down this lonely road we call dementia grant them peace. May each moment, however brief, be filled with joy not sorrow, and your love be seen through those who care for these your loved and fragile people.

For carers in this world, young and old, whose love, time and freedom, sometimes even childhood is given sacrificially for one who is in need. May they know your blessing, through good days and bad, and receive as they have given love in good measure.

We pray for those who find difficulty in remembering; for whom once-familiar faces are becoming strangers, and treasured memories disappear from their memory’s store. Lord, grant understanding to those who care for these your vulnerable people, and dignity to those who suffer in this way. May they know and feel your love surround them and every moment, though soon forgotten, be a moment filled with joy.

Gracious God, be with all those struggling today with symptoms of dementia in its many forms; mood changes, memory lapses, confusion, and helplessness. May they know in their hearts your comforting embrace amid their daily frustrations, and continue to realise, as names and memories fade, that they are still loved by family, friends, and especially by you.

Finally Lord, we do pray for all the for Healthcare Professionals and nursing homes whose work is dedicated to the care of those who are living in the experience of dementia. May they be strengthened in their work of service with individuals, families, and friends.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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