Day 54 – Sunday 23 August 2020 – Postal Workers

Welcome again to Pray For Ryde. Today is the 54th day of the initiative where for 3 months we will be concentrating our thoughts and prayers for Ryde and the surrounding area.

My name is Reverend David Plumb minister of 5 Methodist Churches – Ryde, Binstead, Wootton, East Cowes and Cowes.

Today 23rd August we will be praying for Postmen and Postwomen known as Posties. Also included in this will be the couriers.

2 Thessalonians chapter 3 verse 16-18 writes in his final greetings;

 ‘Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times, and in every way. The lord be with you. I Paul, write this greeting in my own hand, which is the distinguishing mark in all my letters. This is how I write. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all.’

During the lockdown we have been indebted to the posties and the couriers for the way they kept working when so much of the Island was at a standstill. For some people it may have been the first time they had actually seen their Posties in person or were there to receive a parcel.

In all weathers – rain or shine the delivery service carries on. It can involve carrying heavy post bags on foot or lifting heavy boxes from the back of delivery vans. They may even come up against an unpleasant dog in the garden ready to give you a piece of its mind.

Nowadays the sending of letters has greatly reduced and more and more people are sending emails which inevitably means that services will be cut and job security lost. On the other hand more people are buying things through the internet and the couriers are overstretched.

I still believe that a hand written letter or card is far more personal than a computer generated card or message.

Let us pray

Dear Lord we do pray for the Posties and the Couriers who go out in all weathers to deliver post and packages to us.  We give thanks that they continued their work whist many people were in total lockdown. For the way they went the extra mile for people who were in need, even to the point of returning later with shopping or medicines. Their friendly face may have been the only person they saw for days on end. Lord protect them not only from dogs and pets but also from injury and illness due to their work.

Lord help us also, to appreciate the work these folk do for us.

We ask this in Jesus name


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