Day 62 – Monday 31 August 2020 – YFC Youth Project

I’m Becca Overy and I live in Ryde with my husband and daughter. I am a Youthworker and I’m employed part time by some of the local Churches, working alongside Charity Organisation Isle of Wight Youth for Christ.

In normal times I go into local schools teaching about the Bible, run some lunch clubs and after school and evening youth groups. Since the end of March this has all moved to online youthwork.

It’s been a strange time and I think a lot of young people have been surprised by how isolated they felt during lockdown. Teenagers are the pros at using social media and video calls, but nothing beats face to face meet ups. So a lot of young people have found it hard, but also hopefully learnt to appreciate meeting with people.

For young people who already had mental health struggles or anxiety, these things have unfortunately got worse for most over lockdown. Uncertainty over exam results also hasn’t helped.

For other young people the anxiety is just kicking in now, with the prospect of going back to school or college this week and in the coming weeks. There’s still a lot of unknown for them with going back in.

So please pray for them.

There’s also a knock on effect from home life and parents losing hours at work, or losing their jobs completely. Or, if parents themselves have struggled with their mental health and anxiety.

Please pray for our youth groups and for other local organisations working with young people, like School Pastors, Girls and Boys Brigade, Scouts, Youth football clubs…and others.

Pray for the leaders as we start groups back around the changing restrictions, that we have wisdom to run groups safely and be there for the young people. Thank you for praying for the young people.

Please join us this evening at 7pm for our daily Zoom prayer meeting: