Day 63 – Tuesday 1 September 2020 – Primary Schools

Good morning, and welcome to day 63 of Pray for Ryde 2020. My name is Paul Meredith and I am the minister at the Elim church in Ryde. Today, our focus of prayer is upon the primary schools in Ryde and the surrounding areas.

We are living in unprecedented times, especially for schools and the restrictions and closures that they have experienced over the last 7 months. Today we will pray for them as they prepare for the new school year that starts next week.

Heavenly father,

Today as we consider the importance and role of primary schools in our country, and particularly on the Island, we pray for all those involved not simply in the employment of or under the study of the schools, but the massive task everyone is facing in opening the schools again.

We pray for each of the primary schools in Ryde and the surrounding area, that when they open their gates, those in the school, both the teaching staff and the students will be protected and will feel calm and at peace with the current circumstances, and the measures that will be in place. We pray that the communities around the schools will welcome the school community with favour and respect. We ask that the schools will be well equipped and resourced to be able to comply with the measures that they must put in place.

We ask that all involved will meet once again with patience and compassion for one another.

We thank you for the unique gifts of every child as they transition into a new school year. Fill each student with fresh enthusiasm and a heart that is excited to learn and grow. Cover them with your enduring love, give them confidence and grace, and the ability to persevere through the trials they will face.

Thank you, Lord, for the head teachers, the governors, the teachers, the assistants, and the cleaning/maintenance staff. bless them with wisdom, understanding, and a continuing heart to serve. May all those involved with the teaching, the equipping and the smooth running of our primary schools, know your wisdom and blessing.

We pray that as the primary schools reopen, that there will be fresh enthusiasm, inspiration, and tenacity as they fight for the education of our children whilst trying to do so under difficult and unprecedented circumstances. May your hand be with them and the blessing of almighty God be upon them and remain with them as they begin this new school year.

In Jesus name


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