Day 84 – Tuesday 22 September 2020 – From Ryde into All the World

The William Carey commemorative plaque on the cottage in Castle Street, between the bottom of Union Street and George Street.

Hello and welcome to Pray for Ryde. Now I’m here in Castle Street, down at the bottom of Union Street and George Street, and in the cottage behind me in May 1793 a certain William Carey stayed for a few days while he was waiting for a ship to go to India. William Carey, as many of you know, is known as the Father of Modern Missions. All the other missionary societies were founded after Carey and some of his minister friends had founded the Baptist Missionary Society the previous year.

Well, what a good spot to be in to pray for those people who have gone from Ryde and the surrounding area and are serving God either in this country or overseas around the world. I can think of a couple of people in Turkey and in Ukraine, and you will know others. But also, that call that Jesus gives to us to go into al the world and make disciples of all nations.

And so we pray:

Heavenly Father, we have your instruction, your command, to go – to go from where we are and take Jesus with us, and his good news, and your love with us, as we seek to make disciples. Whether its next door, in the next street, whether its the people we work with, whether its our friends and family, or whether we’re called to go much further away into other towns, other cities, other countries – we pray for them all today. We think of those people we know. We pray for them by name. We think of those countries we know. We pray for them by name. And we ask for your blessing.


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