Day 85a – Wednesday 23 September 2020 – A Prayer from the Archdeacon of the Isle of White

This is the first of two pages on this last day. Here, Peter Leonard, the Island’s Anglican Archdeacon, offers his thoughts and prayers. We say our final farewells on the next page.

Hi, my name’s Peter Leonard and I’m the Archdeacon of the Isle of Wight. I’m here in Newport minster and I’ve been praying for Ryde as you have all been doing over recent weeks. And often when I pray, I like to light a candle and one of the things about lighting candles reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world and is here and listens to our prayers. But when I leave here these candles will still be burning, symbolic of the fact that my prayer goes on. My prayer goes on in my heart, God continues to listen to my prayers both the formal ones I make, and the ones that just bubble around inside me as I go about my life.

So we’ve come to the end of the formal pray for Ryde programme which has been amazing and brilliant and thank you for taking part in that. But our prayers continue, prayers that we say aloud and prayers that we say in the silence of our hearts. So, I want to encourage you to keep praying and to keep asking for God’s blessing on Ryde and the whole of this Island. So, I’m going to pray for that now. Let us pray:

Gracious God we thank you for our Island, we pray for all who live, work and worship upon it. We pray especially for the town and the people of Ryde. We pray for the churches and we pray that you will pour your blessing upon each one of us that we might hear your voice and share your loving name.


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